zaterdag 6 april 2013

The third place .... in my dream

I really would like to go to this terrific cool organic bio farm in August and November

They have a lot of knowledge and experience about organic and perma culture and have many products including animals.

(translated by Google from Portugese )

The Estate of Ash Middle Farm is a multifunctional trying to combine eco-philosophy and work in the Alentejo region.
Various breeds of animals native of Portugal (Alentejo pig, cow barrosã, white and black merino sheep, turkey, black serpentine goat, chickens ...), trees, plants, fungi and people live here!
This area of 440 ha, produce many different things organically, from the reseeding or breeding to transform and sell meat, vegetables, bread, soap.
Apart from food production, we also provide tourism services didactic, such as guided tours, events, holiday home and walks free.
The community of Ash Middle comprises workers, volunteers, and people of parallel and independent projects (raising chickens, herbs, orchard permaculture-based mode).
Apart from Portuguese communicate in English and French. The Spanish can be a good help for better communication between workers!
There are different jobs you can do and help us: plants and animals are daily jobs that you can choose according to your preferences and our needs.

There is a house for volunteers with washing machine and a stove for the cooler months and Wi-Fi
As for feeding we ensure a basket per week with food base according to your food choices.
Bicycles are useful to explore nature, go to the nearest village (Foros de Vale Figueira), the nearest town (Montemor-o-Novo) or even to swim in the dam of our Eco Camping.

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