vrijdag 5 april 2013

My first woof place

Welcome to Mnt. dos Covões do Vale de Madeira

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Kaartgegevens ©2013 Google, basado en BCN IGN España
Kaartgegevens ©2013 Google, basado en BCN IGN España



130 km NW of Faro, 190 km SE of Lisboa between Ourique and Odemira. 9.75 hectares of land with olives, oranges, tangerines, figs, plums, cork, eucalyptus and more. Work: pruning, woodcutting, mowing, watering, harvesting and burning garden waste that can not easily be composted. Also maintaining light structures on the estate. One 2 person guest house with separate but private bathroom with tub and squatter (Fench or Turkish toilet). One family trailer 6 mtrs long for three with huge outside, roofed kitchen with fridge en freezer. Shower plus squatter (Fench or Turkish toilet). Solar energy on 230 Volts. Running water from well and bore hole. Washing machines present, but not to be used excessively. Food will be supplied, but WWOOFers cook for themselves. Important: property lies deep in the country side and there are no shops within 4 km/2.5 miles, but WWOOFers may travel with me when I go shopping. No good coverage for cell phones, but when needed the fixed line may be used. Minimum time: Two weeks

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