vrijdag 24 mei 2013

3 day's in France

 My little house

My periode in The Netherlands was great, a lot of development and big changes.

From now I don't know when to get back in Holland or France.

I will be Woofing in Portugal

I haven't be woofing so much in Holland mostly because of the continued rain. There excist namely NO woofing in Zuid-Holland specialy where I was, the metropol Amsterdam-Rotterdam-The Hage. there is though community gardening and a part is interested in Perma-culture.
There are some nice project's of municipal nature management in combination with school's and the expertice of university's.

However when I was there the cold and rain was a strong cover not to got involved with any project so far. Holland gardening just excist by sunny day's.

There is enough to do here in France in our own Perma-Botanical garden but we will skip this year the maintenance and intervention's

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